Bermuda Shutters (or Bahama Shutters)

Bermuda shutters (also known as Bahama shutters) were first born out of necessity, but now they are embraced by homemakers the world over for their distinct and unique style. There are different stories saying where these shutters first originated. Many believe they first came from the Southern coastal regions, and indeed this is where you are more likely to see them. Around the islands (Bermuda, Bahama etc) shutters like this were perfect for protecting against sunlight, but also offered protection from hurricane damage. And most importantly, they offered this whilst also allowing ventilation. You’ll agree the importance of a cool breeze through a warm house! Now they are a key part of the design in coastal home building worldwide.

Other stories say that Bermuda shutters first came to be in Venice, Italy as a sunshade. Whichever the truth is – this much we can’t deny: they offer fantastic protection against the elements and they are very pleasing to the eye!

 Bermuda Shutter Design

The design of a Bermuda or Bahama shutter is that they are hinged at the top. Not only does this look good, but it comes with all the benefits we are discussing here. For everyday use though, you will want your shutters to protect you from the sun as well as provide shade. Nothing does this better that these shutters. As you push them out you will reveal more and more of the view (which is why they are so popular in stunning ocean front properties) whilst the shutter will still be blocking rays from the sun above. You will be able to have a cool breeze, take in a full view and also be provided with some welcome shade. If you live in a hot climate, where Bermuda shutters are very popular, then you will appreciate all the perks they give your home.

Bermuda shutters protect your home against bright sunlight, heat and are well designed to protect in a strong wind or even a hurricane. Trust us – if you live in hurricane valley you will definitely want to invest in some Bermuda shutters. In fact, I’d be very surprised if you didn’t already!

Stylish and Eye-Catching!

For those of you just looking for something stylish and eye-catching to increase your kerb appeal, then look no further. And with the crazy weather we’ve had over the last few years, it may not be long before you’re using them to defend against hurricanes no matter where you live!

The ingenious design makes it much less likely that your shutters will swing wildly in a strong wind, which can either lead to broken windows or broken shutters. Because they are hinged from the top they will stay in place, and they are much easier to close in an emergency – rather than having to lean out the window and grab a flailing shutter during an storm. Much easier, and much safer.

Extra Protection

As well as protecting your home from the elements, these shutters also protect your home from would-be intruders. With your Bermuda shutters closed when you are out, you are adding all sorts of complications to someone who might otherwise try and break in through a window. One look at the shutters, and they’ll just keep on walking!