Mid America Shutters (Board-N-Batten™)

Mid America Sliding Components are one of the top names in the world of board and batten shutters. In fact, Mid America shutters are considered to be some of the best in the market. The company certainly has the history and the expertise to bolster this claim. These boys have been decorating America’s homes for many a year – and as part of the Tapco Group, you know you’ll be getting the highest quality building products.

There are a wide range of Mid America shutters available on the market, so you can be assured you’ll find exactly what you are looking for. As well as their very popular Board-N-Batten™ shutter style, they also offer Louvre Shutters, Raised Panel Shutters and Custom Louvre-Panel Combination Shutters. We will have a look at the Board-N-Batten™ shutters here.

Mid America Board-N-Batten™ Shutters

Standard Board-N-Batten™ Shutters will give your home that classic Old-World character that you can apply to a huge range of architectural styles. These Mid America shutters lend a classic look that will perfectly accent all different kinds of exterior. They bring beauty and class to your home, with a look that is inspired by many years of tradition.

standard mid america b&b shutters

The Standard Board-N-Batten™ Shutters are available in either:

  • 3 Board Spaced
  • 4 Board Joined
  • 4-Board Joined with Archtop.

3-Board Spaced – These are for that an authentic, rich look. The spaces allow the siding color to be visible, creating an extra eye-catching feature.

4-Board Joined – These Mid America shutters really lend an Old World aesthetic to your home exteriors.

4-Board Joined with Archtop – the archtops provide an alternative look for a real style statement!


As well as the standard Board-N-Batten™ shutters, Mid America also offer two variations on custom Board-N-Batten™ shutters.

Custom Joined Board-N-Batten™ Shutters

shutters_custom_join_b&b mid america

Custom Spaced Board-N-Batten™ Shutters

shutters_custom_sp_b&bmid america

The custom Board-N-Batten™ Shutters give you what they call ‘kerb appeal’. This means your home gets a very attractive outer appearance. The custom Mid America shutters give you yet another way to impress passers-by, stand out amongst your neighbours or raise your home’s value for a potential sale. There are 4 styles of spaced shutter available, and 4 styles of joined shutters available.

They are available as 2-board, 3-board, 4-board or 5-board Joined Shutters, and likewise as 2-board, 3-board, 4-board or 5-board Spaced Shutters. This variety, coupled with the choices of various lengths and widths means there really is little chance that you won’t find the perfect Board-N-Batten™ Shutter amongst all the options. Specific lengths are available in ¼” increments.   Take a chance now and transform your home into something truly beautiful!

All of these Mid America Shutters have one thing in common – they are stylish, classy and a definite positive investment. Framing your windows with these shutters will give them real flair and stand-out style. A range of colours are available and endless custom combinations to suit whatever exterior design and material you are working with. There’s few houses that won’t have the Wow Factor with these Board-N-Batten™ Shutters!

For those of you still after some peace of mind, be assured that Mid America products come with a lifetime warranty and they have an unparalled reputation for excellent customer service.

What more could you possibly be looking for!?