Outdoor Shutters Information

Since the invention of outdoor shutters, they have evolved greatly over time. Now, alternatives are numerous; which offer variety for the consumers to choose from. At first, there was only wood and vinyl, but currently, you have the freedom to choose from fiberglass, composites, and even PVC. To help you determine the best shutters for your needs, let this article give you a brief description of each type.

Types of Outdoor Shutters

  • Wood Outdoor Window Shutters

As for the advantages, wood outdoor shutters offer the authentic look of wood, if you want to match it with the color of your home’s exterior, and functionality. Compared to other shutters, they come in medium prices in the market. Another good thing about wood shutters is that they are almost everywhere, which means you can easily purchase them anytime you want to.

The downside of using wood outdoor shutters is that they can eventually deteriorate even if proper maintenance is applied. Contributing factors to this are the sunlight, water, and expansion; which usually begin after 5 years of installation.

  • Outdoor Plantation Shutters

Though most people use them indoors, plantation shutters can also work well when installed for outdoor use. These outdoor shutters are normally made with panels, which can be adjusted to let the light in or out. The benefit of using plantation shutters is that they add privacy and shade to a home. Usually made from wood or vinyl, these shutters make an excellent choice for having the ability to reduce monthly electricity bills.

  • Decorative Outdoor Shutters

To achieve an attractive appeal, these outdoor shutters may be installed to the windows of a home. Decorative shutters are usually stable and solid, and built with a frame with rails and stiles at the top, bottom or center. Any materials can be mounted inside this frame, which include solid panels, fabric, glass, and others. Aside from providing a decorative look, homeowners also use them to obtain privacy, sunlight control, as well as weather protection.

Traditionally used as window covers for farm shelters and barns, these outdoor shutters are now popularly used to achieve a rural appeal at home. On this category, vinyl and wood make the most popular option; although there are also versions that are made from composites and other combinations of high-grade materials.

Once you decide to install outdoor shutters in your home, it is imperative that you consider not only the price, but also the construction of the material. Ideally, you should choose the kind that will serve you for years as these can give you additional savings in the long run.