Popular Window Design Ideas

When contractors are done building your house, you need to know what type of window you want for your house. There are many window design ideas you can choose from to get one that suits your home. There are three basic types of windows, those that slide sideways, swing in or out and those that slide up and down.

Common Window Design Ideas

Here are some window design ideas and tips on how to design windows based on several factors;

  • If it is one that opens completely, what you need is a casement window. This window is designed to open outwards on the side to allow for ventilation and easy to maneuver. They are tough and hard to break.
  • Awning windows are designed to allow light breeze into the house. They are best installed in rooms that require much privacy and also allow light inside. They are slightly opened to allow air and can be placed at different locations such as next to a window or above a patio.
  • Another type is the double hung windows. These have a unique style that allows for more ventilation and easy access. This is best installed in children’s rooms, although they can be used in the kitchen or office. You can open one window and leave the other or open both of them to increase ventilation.
  • Picture windows – these windows are placed in rooms where ventilation is not very important. They look like a picture frame and it does not open. Their purpose is to bring in light, therefore they also be put in a dark room.
  • Bay windows – These windows have multiple views allowing light to stream into the room from different angles. The sides can be opened for ventilation. It is a unique way to decorate your home.

You can have an interior decorator guide you on window design ideas. A modern house can have glass windows for decorative purposes and allow lighting. They are not helpful in ventilation. Bathroom windows have to be translucent and at the same time allow in enough light so that there is no need for curtains. Ranch house windows can use bay windows; windows that extend from the floor to ceiling and picture windows. They are normally about five feet above the ground. You cannot miss out on an attractive window design ideas for your home or ranch.

Years back board and batten shutters were created for window coverings for shelter for farm animals before glass. They were then fitted in houses where it portrayed a rural appearance. Vinyl board and batten shutters are used for decorative purposes in interior design.