Roll Down Shutters for Hurricane Season

One of the most popular types of hurricane shutter are roll down shutters. They offer an excellent protection against extreme windy weather and they don’t look so bad either! Especially these days there is a full range of different colours, aesthetics and trim so you can find the perfect match for your home. Increase safety whilst also increasing kerb appeal.

What are Roll Down Shutters?

Roll down shutters are made from a series of interlocking slats that join together to make a curtain. This ‘curtain’ is then fitted into guide rails at each side, allowing it to move up and down to cover your windows as and when they need covered. The curtain is covered by a housing placed just above the window and rolled up and down onto an axle. They can then be controlled either by hand using a pull strap or a hand crank, or else the oft preferred option is to have them operated with an electric motor.

roll down shutters 1

Since these roll down shutters are usually bought in houses that are at risk of being hit by a hurricane, it is not uncommon that there can be a loss of power. Loss of power can easily happen in the midst of a hurricane or even just a very bad storm. For this reason, the roll down shutters also have a manual override. For some, this can be the hand crank or pull cord mentioned above. Usually it can be some form of gear to operate the manual override.

What do Roll Down Shutters Do?

These shutters offer incredible protection from those hurricane zones where you have to live with 90mph winds and who knows what sort of debris flying through the air. Excellent for keeping you and your home safe from those elements you know you need to avoid. As if this wasn’t enough reason, you will also be pleased to hear that they will save you money through reduced energy loss, and can be used to protect your interiors from strong sun damage. Really they can be very handy anywhere that can have high winds and strong sun, even if it’s not an actual hurricane zone.

All Pros, No Cons!

Another benefit with roll down shutters is a well-designed one can be operated from outside or inside. You don’t need to run out in a hurricane to pull them down, so don’t worry! They are always there, hidden up in their covering, just ready to be deployed. Ready for action at a moment’s notice! Many even come with a remote control, so you don’t need to get anywhere near the window if the wind and rain are coming.

These days they also come in a range of colours, so you can always get colours that will suit your home’s external décor. Remember – you may choose to have them down, even if there is not a storm, just for shade or privacy.

Generally they require very little maintenance, so you don’t need to have a master’s degree in Engineering to keep them operational! Most companies that install them will also have phonelines and services for fixing anything that goes wrong, so you can always have peace of mind.

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